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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Asperger's, Driving, and Covered Services

I'm receiving more questions about Asperger's and driving and googling has quickly provided me with a great source of relevant anecdotes.  The short answer is that some with Asperger's will be successful and some will not (how brave of me to put forth such a bold speculation!).  I've already mentioned that Asperger kids will need lots more time and patience, and many should consider eventually moving to cities in which mass transit is readily available (NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and most European cities are terrific).  Even Keene, NH has a shuttle bus that will take you everywhere in town!

An important question that remains is WHO WILL PAY for all this extra driving instruction.  It seems to me that if schools are providing driver's education to students in general, then one might say that educational/disability rights law would assert that students with Asperger's have a right to a modified program (i.e., more hours of instruction) so that they could learn to drive as well.

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