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  Wednesday, January 08, 2003

MacWorld Macromedia Booth - If you are going to MacWorld be sure to come to the booth on the left side of the Apple booth in the main hall. There are some really cool pods there with emergency kiosks built to work in fires and chemical spills with gloved hands. There are demos of using Director to control all sorts of interesting hardware. University of California Berkely is there too showing off how they use MM products. Not so much demo pods for each product, but a showcase of customers using our products.

Since Director MX is so new, there is a lot of talk about that as well. Neat stuff being produced.

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ColdFusion MX on OSX report from MacWorld - The demos yesterday were awesome. Our presenter, Greg, went through the Dreamweaver Demo and got people pretty excited, then about half way through, he calmly goes to change the page to ColdFusion from HTML and insert a recordset and boom... the server doesn't answer... he goes to a console types in one line of code and starts the server and voila! There is the CFAdministrator there right in OSX. No one could believe it! There were people sitting in the aisles eating their lunch and watching the demo, there were people standing in the Apple booth across the aisle watching the demo. The crowd was huge.

Most excellent introduction and the very, very first demo of CF on OSX ever....

Hope you Mac users are as happy as I am!

7:27:28 AM      comment [] and new commercial tools - Paul Boon and team disappeared last summer and closeted themselves in some industrial park in who know's where and it seems they didn't come out for air till just now... ah but what they created...

Distributed MX - Allows users working in a team to control the configuration folders of all the members of the team including installed extensions and even alerts for licensing of commercial extensions.

Power SDK - Creates a framework for creating new server behaviors and extensions. This is the suite of tools you will drool over to make new extensions.

Power Tools - A set of extensions that do heaps and that are available individually and in some sets.

  • Color Master
  • DMX Explorer
  • Extension Manager Pro
  • HS5 Gutter Bar
  • Insertbar Manager
  • Menu Manager
  • MX Debugger
  • Reg Explorer
  • Script Inspector
  • Style Inspector
  • Toolbar Manager
  • Design & Development (Bundle) MX Development (Bundle)
  • User Interface Control (Bundle)

Power API - DWwork has extended our APIs for building extensions. They outdid us in a number of places. VERY interesting work. :-)

Cool deal Paul!!!

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