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  Thursday, January 30, 2003

News from Matt - Sorry I missed yesterday. I am working on three new specs for extensions for upcoming Developer Resource Kits.. WOOHOO! I love doing technical stuff. When they are announced, I will talk about them more fully. Think you  are going to like them.
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The Made with Macromedia Library - (from Bob Tartar's blog) -  There have been some questions & concerns about Internet Archive and the Made with Macromedia program. There were erroneous reports of Macromedia "donating" 10,000 CD ROMS containing content authored in Macromedia Director and Authorware, and submitted to Macromedia through the Made with Macromedia program.

We provided the database of Made with Macromedia submissions to the Internet Archive in order to accelerate the process of creating an online catalog. We agreed with the Internet Archive that publishing this catalog to the Internet was a valuable resource for developers and historians. This database is currently available from the Internet Archive servers at

The Internet Archive contacted 5 developers and publishers and secured rights to freely distribute the content of their multimedia applications from the website. If you are a developer within the Made with Macromedia program, your content will not be made available without your express legal permission. Should you wish to make your content available, please contact

The statement that "10,000 Titles made available to Macromedia were donated to the Internet Archive" is false. In fact, Macromedia provided access for staffers of the Internet Archive to our archive in order to ensure that the database of titles was as complete and accurate as possible. If you do not want to be included in the archive, please contact If you would like to be included in the database, please contact

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

Internet Archive has also revised their web site:

Previous Statement:
Macromedia has generously donated their collection of CD-ROM's to the Archive's CD-ROM & Software Library. The Collection consists of over 10,000 CD-ROM titles (from the Made-With-Macromedia Program) and we are in the process of making this into an accessible resource for people to use and enjoy. We welcome all feedback!

Revised Statement:
Macromedia and the Internet Archive are working together to provide an online catalog of the names, titles, publishers, and release dates of more than 10,000 CD-ROM titles developed with Macromedia products and published under the Made with Macromedia program. These titles are not available for download, except when an individual developer or publisher has expressly granted permission to the Internet Archive. Should you wish to make your title available for download, please contact

We hope you enjoy the archive and we welcome all feedback!

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