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Saturday, November 27, 2004

(off topic: This is NOT a paid blurb for Marqui: )

When I saw an article by Marc Canter about bloggers getting paid to blog and the presumed conflict of interest subsidized blogging may create, I read it, but was disappointed that the link to the agreement between Marqui and bloggers led to a '404 not found' page. [hmmm... maybe they're busy rewriting it... now that the blogosphere has discovered it... ] Darn, I was interested... Hey, bloggers, go get paid for a change! and donate some of that hard-earned moola to a charitable cause, like your local pet rescue organization...

Followup: Agreement Link repaired (12:00 EST).  At least Marqui doesn't ask bloggers  to go over to the dark side and get paid to spam...  not recommended unless you want to: 1) possibly go to jail and 2) be hated worldwide and wreck the web (as if it isn't a minefield of problems already.)

Just in time for Christmas: Can't afford a SEGwayTry the dog powered scooter! OR Like the SEGway, the dog powered scooter, offers total control for the rider. Its inventor claims dogs are exercised, but not abused by the scooter's use. Expect to pay about $500 ($450 + $50 shipping):.

'One of out of every hundred people says it's abusing the dog; the other 99 say it's the coolest thing they've ever seen...' [Albany Democrat-Herald].

Miracle cure: doctors induces coma to save girl from rabies WI [Boing Boing] Imagine: curing rabies without the rabies vaccine... related: Experimental treatment saves rabies victim [CNN]

'... the [Center for Disease Control] CDC is reevaluating its approach to rabies in people, and scientists are studying what drug combinations might work in infected animals...'

The experimental treatment, a last ditch attempt to save a rabies-infected girl, administered a  combination of two anesthetics and two antiviral medications, in order to boost the girl's immune system, so she could fight off the almost always fatal disease. In all prior cases, patients who did not receive a rabies vaccine died.

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