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  Wednesday, August 13, 2003

A blogging mini-vacation. I'm sitting in Mulligan's Irish Pub in South Lake Tahoe enjoying their SurfandSip WiFi service. The staff barely knows they have it, but here it is. Interesting note: Boingo claims to have service both here (not) and at our resort, The Ridge (not). So I give SurfandSip one up on knowing their customers. And I'm telling the Mulligan's staff to start advertising that they have WiFi--we came here specifically to use it, and bought food (good) and drink (Pepsi). I'm buying one day at a time service on SurfandSip, $5 per, which seemed the better deal than $20/month renewing, since I won't be coming here more than four days. But I will be singing the praises of their service.

The Tahoe weather is beautiful. No clouds, but not hot--very temperate, very hospitable. Later.
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