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  Monday, August 25, 2003

The reason for the Reno trip? The 5th Annual Junior/Adult Bowling Tournament at the National Bowling Stadium. If you haven't seen it, get this: 78 lanes each with a team of four bowlers. All day and into the night, bowling team and doubles. We had to bowl team and doubles back to back, six games in about 5 hours. Ouch. Low scores, tough lanes, but what an experience. We'll do it again next year, just before the teenager starts college.
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More Evidence That Free WiFi Increases Customer Traffic. We've argued here repeatedly of the value of offering free WiFi, and it appears that more retail establishments are happily discovering it's true that you can get more customers by offering free WiFi. Not much new in the article, but still good to see people realize that not all WiFi hotspots need to be of the pay variety. [Techdirt Corporate Intelligence: Techdirt Wireless]

Interesting article--you do the math. The pay-to-play folks are charging too much: $8.95 for 24 hours of service? That's highway robbery. Give me a nice little cafe with free WiFi and I'll buy lunch and a mocha, and come back every day I'm in town.

Sidenote: I spent the weekend in Reno (!), at the Silver Legacy hotel. No WiFi, nothing but dial-up. Of course, they want you playing in the casino, not on your computer! Read the next post for the reason for the Reno trip.

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