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  Sunday, August 17, 2003

Dan Gillmor's Sunday column is about news syndication via RSS. Seems he uses the pro version of the same reader I use on the PowerBook: NetNewsWire (from Ranchero). I use the lite version cuz, well, I don't need all the features of the full version. But over on the Win2K box I use the news aggregator on Radio, my blogging tool.
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Scoble points to Cringely via my previous post, which pointed to Cringeley via Guy. So Guy can complete the circle by remarking on Scoble's pointer to me. Tee hee.

Take a look at the comment to Scoble's post for more insight. Frank Ruscica sums it up thusly:

So, while the longer-term benefits of ageism to the bottom line may be a factor, near-term considerations likely dominate senior managements' thinking re: wanting/continuing to cut and outsource jobs ASAP.

In other words, quarterly reports and their impact on stock prices (and options values) are still the biggest factor in C-level execs' decision-making. Save a little, profit a lot.

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