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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Robert Penner (and have done a great review of Colin Moock's ActionScript: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition (ASDG2)

If you want to make sure this book is a good buy, this is a good review. Of course, you shouldn't question whether its a good buy or not, because we all know the first edition was the biggest seller. To be honest I haven't read the second edition yet but since its an extension of the first I know it will be good. Even for the biggest expert in flash its an awesome desktop reference.

Check out the review.
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Mike Chambers says:
Christian Cantrell, the new Server Community Manager for Macromedia has just launched his weblog.

The weblog system is a temporary one that he put together (using CFMX) over the past couple of days. [via mesh]

Definitely a good addition to your Macromedia contact list.
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