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Friday, January 17, 2003

Well I have had a couple people come to me with messy problems of disabling buttons as well as tabbing of lower levels in their "systems" Well I thought it was a known feature but 2 people in 2 days means I better spread the word :).

Essentially setting someMc.enabled = false; will stop input from someMc and all its children. The same is with tabEnabled (I can't recall you may have to turn tabChildren to false as well but I don't think so)

Both these people are working on systems with modal abilities (popups) and this is where these came in handy for them. When working on "OS" type projects I tend to have a holder mc for each "layer" ie. Application, Contextual, Error...and that way when Contextual pops up all I do is Application.enabled = Application.tabEnabled = false; and wallah.

Check out EricD's post.
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If you take a look on the right I have started adding the foreign links. Right now just click the drop down and select the langauge to get the links. I am pretty sure this only works on IE right now, I am not going to mess with making it work with all the browsers (I mean I use flash for this reason :) ) I don't have them all there, and there aren't many right now but its a start. Let me know if I get any urls/languages/website names wrong.
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