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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

As I said I have posted what I call outputs xml used by the gmodeler uml tool. You have to run this in the IDE (if you are using the GUI code, feel free to rip the AS2UML class for your own purposes) This gets the list of installed component reference files and lets you configure output for gmodeler. It will save tons of time recreating diagrams for classes you extend, or use. I have pulled out any documenting code, as I mentioned in my previous post it just got too messy.

The AS2UML tool has a getUML() method that will give you the output you want. However if you are using this for some other reason I keep a "transition" object so that you could also utilize this class for other cases.

myUml.classes - array of classes
myUml.classMap - map of classes (access by class name)
each class has an array and map of groups (thats methods, properties, listeners etc)
each group has an array of items (so the group methods has a bunch of methods in it)

and there is other info stored. I can document this if anyone feels like using it...its pretty simple.

There are also some masking functions so you can keep groups and/or classes out of the output.

There is some other stuff that I will leave you to play with.

You can get the FLA file here.

Please note to use the GUI you have to run it in the ide (thats the only way it can get the list of installed reference docs)

Let me know what you think, have fun.
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