Thursday, December 11, 2003

I caught the 8 PM rebroadcast of the WUNC radio show. I thought it went well. Melinda Penkava is a great host -- she ran the show so smoothly, asked good questions, and got everyone talking. Zephyr Teachout knows more about this stuff than just about anyone on the planet, and she's quick and well-spoken. And Ruby Sinreich, who is doing great work with her local politics site, can do radio, too. I'm hoping to find an archived audio link of the hour.

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Doc Searls is in Santa Barbara, but he knows more about my radio gig with Zephyr Teachout (today at noon EST, WUNC) than I do -- all the online listening options, the guest list, etc. Doc just knows the hell out of NC radio. Once he told me that we get poor reception here because of low soil conductivity. Damn red clay. Anyway, I'm off the Chapel Hill to talk Internet campaigning on The State of Things.

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