Monday, December 22, 2003

A credit card scam aimed at Earthlink and other ISP customers is enough of a problem that callers to Earthlink can hear about it on the automated phone menu. "If you have received X or Y email, press 5..."

I got some official looking emails telling me that my Earthlink account was going to be suspended unless I verified my credit card info at an official looking site. It didn't feel right, especially since my invoice email just arrived -- all paid up.

There are some very clever crooks out there.

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Erskine Bowles has hired a campaign manager and an ad man for his Senate run.

They have an incredible opportunity ahead of them. North Carolina should be a great proving ground for Internet campaigning at a state level. With 100 counties, the ability to organize local volunteers efficiently is critical. Senate campaigns here have been very expensive in recent elections, so the cost advantage of Internet organization is important. We've got good Internet infrastructure and culture. And local voices matter in a state with three distinct regions along its 500+ mile length.   

I know Bowles has a copy of the Baseline case study, and that some of his backers understand the potential here. I hope his campaign pros buy in quickly -- here's some advice on how to get going.

I'd be happy to discuss this with Bowles' opponent, Richard Burr, too.

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