Friday, October 07, 2005

Congrats to a pioneering political blogger and longtime member of our local blogging community, Tara Sue Clark, on her new position as  Executive Director of the Veterans Foundation of North Carolina. The downside of the deal from a Greensboro perspective is that she'll be moving to Raleigh for the job. Related: prominent G'boro blogger The Shu, now outed as Dan Romuald, will assume the presidency of

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I was very happy with today's journalism conference. The mix of talent worked really well, and the crowd was every bit as diverse and sharp as we had hoped. A&T was a great host. I made it to part of every session, except the ones opposite my own, and the conversation was lively in each of them.

Fun to see Chris Nolan, fresh from the red-eye...hang out with Sandy Carmany at the registration outside the beautiful new classroom building with Phil Meyer and The Shu...and more and more and more.

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If tomorrow is as good a blog conference as today was a journalism-and-the-web conference, then tomorrow should be pretty damn good.

Next up: blogger block party in Aycock neighborhood.

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Lots of reportage on ConvergeSouth...but let's start with a piece I seem to have written in about 1976 (via Mr. Sun).

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On my way.

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DarkTimes: Friedman in Iraq: "Failing to find W.M.D. was a big intelligence failure. But the even bigger failure - the one that is the source of all our troubles today - was the failure to understand just how devastated Iraq's society, economy and institutions had become...This intelligence failure about Iraqi society is what is killing us today. Because what really happened after the U.S. invasion is that what little Iraqi state existed just fell apart in our hands, like a broken vase. And then Rummy let the shards get looted...

"...As this column has long insisted, we are not doing nation-building in Iraq. We are doing nation-creating. It is hugely important, but hugely difficult. I can only assume the C.I.A. didn't know how broken Iraq was, because if the president knew and still put in so few troops, it was criminal.

"The president's speech on terrorism yesterday was excellent. He made clear, better than ever, why winning in Iraq is so important to the wider struggle against Islamo-fascism. But it only makes me that much more angry that he fought this war as though it would be easy - never asking for any sacrifice, any military draft, any tax hikes or any gasoline tax - and that he tolerated so much incompetence along the way."

Krugman says nature is to blame for the current gas-price spike, that market forces and not environmentalists were the reason new refineries haven't come on line, and that the Bush administration's current calls for conservation are no substitute for a serious energy policy.

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Yesterday's other big deal in the weblog world involved none other than Dave Winer, who sold to VeriSign...Dave says Kottke's number is wrong, but we're still going to let him buy the drinks this weekend.

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