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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Future (Reprise)
I've seen the future...

... and it is great! J'ai... I've seen the future...

... and it is great! J'ai bétatesté Weed 3 aujourd'hui. Je n'ai pas le droit de révéler de détails, alors je me contenterai de dire que les expériences d'écoutes et d'achats seront grandement facilitées. Je suis emballé et j'ai très hâte de constater l'accueil qui sera réservé à cette nouvelle version. Je crois bien qu'on tient un gagnant !

La St-Pat's s'en vient alors j'ai changé le thème du blogue pour l'occasion. J'espère que vous aimez les nouvelles couleurs ! Sinon, consolez-vous à l'idée qu'elles seront choses du passé la semaine prochaine. J'espère aussi que personne ne se sentira lésé par mon utilisation non-autorisée du "test pattern" de la CBC pour les images des webcams lorsqu'elles sont inactives.

Ce matin sur Espace Musique, l'animateur suppléant Michel Marmen s'est esclaffé en observant que sur le site Internet de l'Ordre du Canada, dans la FAQ, on peut lire que la devise de l'Ordre est « Desiderantes meliorem patriam », ce qui signifie « ils aspirent à une patrie meilleure », et que les politiciens fédéraux et provinciaux et les juges en activité ne sont pas admissibles. Y'aurait-il un lien ?

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A Message From Earth :

Sur ce, la vaisselle est encore sale... - poligraf [The Daily Poligraf]
9:18:28 PM    

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Bubble Energy: Acoustic Cavitation
Collapsing bubbles have hot plasma core. Find could boost hopes for bubble-driven desktop fusion. [news@nature.com]
9:00:14 PM    

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Candice Michelle Encore
An Arizona and Mediaburn fave, direct from Salem, MA.

Media enclosure http://www.candicemichelle.com/candicerocks.wmv

11:33:55 AM    

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The Digital Music Weblog
Sony Synergy: Don't Bet On It.

In the Digital Domain column of today’s NY Times, Randall Stross gets pretty pessimistic about Howard Stringer’s chances of hauling Sony out of the 1980s and into the present day. As has often been noted here, Sony’s seemingly perfect opportunity for synergy between its content (music label) and hardware (portable consumer devices) divisions, the company has remained mired in the past, refusing to accept MP3 until a years-too-late capitulation, and misunderstanding Apple’s success. Stross sarcastically calls Sony the “Sony Graphaphone and Wax Record Company,” and notes that even recent hardware releases (blessedly capable of playing MP3s) seem driven by the same old-world DNA as ever. He concedes that Stringer, with a background in the content side of the business, probably appreciates how far behind Sony is. In my view, Sony could demonstrate a new sense of reality by dismantling the abhorrent Connect service and abandoning the ATRAC3 file format. Cutting those losses would seem to put Sony on a solid footing of non-denial from which it could innovate again as it did in the 1980s. However: One must remember that Sony was first with the Walkman, just as Apple was first to establish a synergy of device and content service.

[The Digital Music Weblog]
11:25:26 AM    

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The Internet's Top Cartoonist
A picture named badge.gifThe Cartoonist Cartooning. Over at Sponbustion Magazine. Every two weeks. Thanks to Axel for some last-minute art direction. [The Cartoonist]
11:12:48 AM    

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Tune In Today For...
Sound of the Day - March 12 2005 - OpenPodcast.org #1319. URL - http://soundoftheday.blogspot.com [OpenPodcast.org]
11:04:04 AM    

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Don't Ask
Photo, found in a Box [8]. Don't ask. I've no idea. It says on the back: Birthday Schwarzkopf, 1950. That's all; what I do know is that my dad studied dentistry in the fifties. Perhaps there's the connection. Looking at all those pictures found in a box, it seems my family must have been utterly mad. Oh, and there's more to come. This is Treasure Island here.

[The Cartoonist]
8:18:24 AM    

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Tribe TV 3.2
Episode 3, Part 2. Tribe TV RSS/XML enclosure (Quicktime).

Web page here. Part 2 of the movie here.

Featuring Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, as well as Shawna Virago and the Deadly Nightshades. Hosted by Laurence Scott and produced by Tribe.net - San Francisco, CA.
7:49:46 AM    

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Tribe TV 3.1
Episode 3, Part 1. Tribe TV RSS/XML enclosure (Quicktime).

Web page here. Part 1 of the movie here.

Featuring The Famous. Hosted by Laurence Scott and produced by Tribe.net - San Francisco, CA.
7:43:20 AM    

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7:12:16 AM    

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