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Spaziergänge in Berlin und Umgebung

Samstag, 10. April 2004

Die Terrakotta-Armee des Qin Shi Huang Di, 1. Kaiser von China.

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Blick auf die Friedrichwerdersche Kirche und auf das Außenministerium

How to walk in New York - einige der Tipps sind auch für Fußgänger in Berlin nützlich.
(via F. Wood)

The Evil Eye: Youíve been waiting 45 minutes for the subway train to show up. One finally arrives, bursting at the gills with passengers, and, as the passengers pour out and dive in, one passenger insists on standing right inside the doorway, preventing you from getting on the train and letting the doors shut in your face.
Donít: React with profane gestures! After all, the doors could open again and that guy could turn out to be a kickboxer.
Instead: Donít look at the passenger, but glare off into the distance, and hard. Arch both eyebrows slightly. Think about feral cats and bags full of their crap set ablaze on the passengerís front step. Leave it at that. Wait for the next train, and donít boil over.

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