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Monday, October 9, 2006

And speaking of overshoot...
I'll be spending the day in the body shop today, getting some cosmetic repairs necessitated by overshooting my handlebars last week. The combination of coasting fast down a San Francisco hill + hitting a patch of gravel when braking + gravity didn't work all that well. The good news: helmet -- yes, of course I was wearing one -- was unscathed. The bad news: face wasn't.

The other good news: aikido reflexes plus pure grace seem to have kept me from breaking anything inside my skull, Jane's homeopathic care made astoundingly quick work of the pain and swelling, and the mechanics will sort out nose and teeth today. I should look good as new -- and no longer scare small children by looking like a Klingon.

I can hear Sarge from the old Hill Street Blues echoing in my ears: 'Let's be careful out there!'
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Happy Ecological Overshoot Day ;-}
October 9th is Overshoot Day, according to the Global Footprint Network:

Rising consumption of ecological resources is pushing the world into ever earlier ecological deficit or 'Overshoot'

Ecological Footprint accounting shows that, as of October 9th, humanity has already consumed the total amount of new resources nature will produce this year.

'Humanity is living off its ecological credit card and can only do this by liquidating the planet's ecological assets,' said Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, Executive Director of Global Footprint Network, 'While this can be done for a short while, overshoot ultimately leads to the depletion of resources, such as the forests, oceans and agricultural land upon which our economy depends.'

(Their article continues here.)
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