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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Apple vs Greenpeace?
[AppleInsider]: Greenpeace forced out of MacExpo

Environmental advocacy group Greenpeace was forced to shut down it booth at the MacExpo in London on Thursday after show organizers claimed to have received complaints from "unnamed sources," according to a report at MacNN.com.

Greenpeace is reported to have set up a stall in an effort to raise awareness about the use of toxic chemicals in products manufactured by Apple Computer... 'were signing up Mac fans to challenge Apple to "go green"'....

'Instead of hiding their head in the sand, Apple should be a world leader in the greening of the electronics industry, not lagging behind.' [Greenpeace International campaigner Iza] Kruszewska added.

In August, Greenpeace issued a report which gave Apple a 2.7 out of 10 environmental-friendly rating. It awarded the Cupertino, Calif.-based iPod maker with low scores in almost all criteria, including the use of toxic chemicals, recycling, and the quality of its take-back programs.

I'm one of those who thinks Steve Jobs' design and strategy sense is pretty near foolproof, but he's sure missing on this one. Whatever the facts, whatever rating Apple truly deserves, you don't win the sustainability game without transparency. Shutting down your critics doesn't get you there; only engaging them head on -- or inviting them in -- stands a chance.
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