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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tourist attraction?
Congressman Sam Farr at the San Benito conference:
The #1 request from visiting Japanese delegations to the City of Carmel wasn't 'where's Clint Eastwood?' It was 'could we get a copy of your zoning code?'

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Redefining Economic Development
Blogging today from this day-long conference in Hollister CA (90 miles south of San Francisco, in San Benito County -- home to world garlic capital Gilroy)

The conference is produced by BALLE, the Business Network for Living Local Economies. The goals: 1. balance the need for economic growth and housing development with the competing desire to retain open space and family farms...

in part through a focus on

2. ...leading a major transformation in the global economy, creating new jobs while producing less waste...[focusing on] industry sectors projected to grow over 15% per year for the foreseeable future: - sustainable agriculture (organic/fresh/local) - renewable energy zero-waste manufacturing - green building


3. a collaborative approach to economic development

(I'll be anchoring the panel on zero-waste manufacturing and green building... and no doubt having something to say about regional metabolism analysis as a tool for ecologically wise economic development.. and perhaps about regional sustainability dashboarsd as well. (More on that to come.)
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