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  Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Writing About Blogging. In all of the craziness last week, I forgot to mention that Rachel Singer Gordon has posted the July issue of Info Career Trends, the Lisjobs.com newsletter. I wrote article #4 - "Blogging and the Shifted Librarian" (scroll down to read it). It's a bit difficult to link to at the moment so I'll repost it when it goes in the archives, but it's basically about my experiences blogging for the last six months and regaining an online presence. [The Shifted Librarian]

Jennny's written a good short article about how she got started blogging and why it's a useful tool for librarians.  We need to get more folks on board.  I just heard about Info Career Trends in the last couple of weeks through a blog; check it out for some interesting career stuff. I need to check the archives myself for information on continuing status and tenure issues.


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