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  Thursday, July 25, 2002

Via Bag and Baggage:

Can I Get A Little (Declaratory) Relief?. So asks the ACLU on behalf of Ben Edelman in the U.S. District Court, Massachusetts (great looking courthouse, btw) concerning Edelman's potentially DMCA-barred plans to discover and make known the "block list" used by the N2H2 Internet filtering software. Donna Wentworth and Declan McCullagh have this well covered with discussion, commentary and links (here, here and here), and Donna's interview with Ben Edelman is well worth the read.

This cropped up on several other blogs today as well.  N2H2 is one of the major filtering programs that Congress tried to force libraries to install under the CIPA. Here's the page at the Berkman Center with more info and the actual complaint.

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I'm back from Orlando and trying to catch up before I go on vacation.  However, I plan to add some comments about the AALL Convention over the next week. Please be patient.  I do have some general comments, though.

I never heard any official numbers, but I'm pretty sure the number of attendees were down.  Since this is only my third Convention, I can't report from my own knowledge, but most folks felt the number of exhibitors was down as well.  It was an interesting mix.  There seemed to be more foreign exhibitors and lots of knowledge management/competitive intelligence companies represented.  The Lexis-Nexis bag was sturdy and the Thomson/West bag great for hauling dirty clothes, but the conference bag was a little too plastic.  The best gimme I got was from the Liberty Fund booth:  a hand-crafted tile coaster with the "earliest-known written appearance of the word 'freedom' or 'liberty'." It's a keeper.  Most of the rest of the stuff will go to the law library's "prize closet" to be given out as prizes in our intermediate research bootcamp next spring.

One other comment:  although this was just my third convention, I thought the presentations that I saw were among the best I've attended.  I particularly liked the diversity symposium on Islam and the presentation on Electronic Surveillance.  More on both of these later.

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