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  Thursday, July 11, 2002

Great professional reading from Gary Price and the The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk:

Marcia Bates on Getting Web Information Retrieval Correct. Information Retrieval--WebSource: First Monday "After the Dot-Bomb: Getting Web Information Retrieval Right This Time"This article was written by Dr. Marcia Bates at UCLA. It's must read material. It concludes with seven suggestions by Dr.  Bates to improve information retrieval on the web. Here are three of them:
1) Use faceted classifications, rather than hierarchical.
2) Use the many vocabularies specifically designed for information retrieval, rather than general English language vocabularies.
3) If you develop a site with any information retrieval component at all, then hire information expertise.

Gary also recommends seeing Louis Rosenfeld's blog commentary on Dr Bates' article:  Some Batesian Inspiration.  Louis Rosenfeld is the co-author with Peter Morville of the great book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. According to his website, a second edition of this book is due out this month; I highly recommend it for every librarian.  I've got to add this blog to my list.

Finally, Gary also links to an interview in CNET with Miriam Nisbet, ALA's Legislative Counsel:  Libraries:  The New Cyberbattleground.

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