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  Monday, July 15, 2002

Professional Reading from Gary Price:

A Selection of New and Updated CRS Reports. New/Updated Reports from the Congressional Research Service. It's time once again for another a small selection of new and or updated reports from the CRS. To access these full-text reports (.pdf) head to this page from Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT) or this page from Rep. [The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk]

These reports range from one on Aids in Africa to another on Military Pay and Benefits. In addition, Gary also mentioned a new LLRX article on CRS Reports, by Stephen Young.

Gary also had a link to the Library Journal interview with Lawrence Lessig.  One good quote:

LJ There is a diverse array of amicus briefs filed on behalf of Eldred, including 15 library groups. On the other side, there are but a few large, well-funded lobbies. Is this a statement about our democracy, how you can literally see the public lined up on one side and on the other side you see, well, money and lobbyists, which are often a lot more important to legislators?

LL Of course, yes. And, well, I'm quite confident about what's more important to legislators. Not because they are corrupt, but because legislators just hear the view of those who are around them, and the people who can afford to be around them, in this case, that's the copyright interest. The Supreme Court is different. They are not surrounded by a bunch of lobbyists. They call it the way they see it.

Finally, Gary mentions the latest issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association.  An article by Carolyn E. Lipscomb, Access to Information in War, which briefly describes the history of how librarians in the US have dealt with providing access in wartime during the 20th Century, may be of interest.

I feel like I'm cribbing a lot from Gary, but I want to give these articles more exposure and also save them for my own use. Thanks, Gary.

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