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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Try out local google.  It's a great way to find a lunch location.

Dodgeball is not available in Salt Lake City yet, but I imagine that it soon will be.  You can use your cell phone to find friends who are in your geographic vicinity.  David Stephenson mentions it as one of his key technologies for 2005.

The word is out that Val Oveson will be leaving the CIO position.  It will be interesting to learn a little more when the new Governor announces his cabinet tomorrow.  Also noticed was Robin Arnold-Williams departure from Human Services.  That means that Health, Human Services, and Workforce Services, three of the State's largest departments will all have new leadership.  These three were behind the large eRep egovernment initiative which is being rolled out in phases and deals with eligibility determination for quite a few government services.  The first phase was called Utah Cares.  Under Raylene Ireland in Workforce Services, jobs.utah.gov became a reality and served out over a million job referrals in its first 9 months. 

IBM is calling for government to do more of its sales online in a new report.  Actually, GSA and other agencies have been doing online sales for years.  OMB has announced a new consolidated portal at FedAssetSales.gov.  It would be nice to see online sales outlets such as eBay all using a single XML standard so that large organizations can use a web service to easily enable their sales through third party outlets.  Perhaps they already do, I'll have to look into it.  We have used three online outlets for the sale of state of Utah property: eBay, esurplusauction, and our own online auction

We have a new page for our statewide mobile data service.

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