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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ernie Chidester started working for the State of Utah in the 1950s. Yesterday, he decided to hang up the cleats. Ernie began his career with the Utah Department of Transportation doing origination and destination studies that supported the construction of I-15, Utah's first freeway. Later on, he was among the first employees to move into the (then new) State Office Building. He was there for the construction of the State's first data center and was also there when a previous governor tried to outsource the whole operation. Yes, Ernie's seen a lot. Now, after 45 years, his career concludes. He ended it with class, and I appreciate that. Thanks Ernie.

Governor Huntsman dropped by and visited with a few of the employees. He voiced his respect for public servants who dedicate their life to the state and do the best they can. I appreciate that.

Now we will move on to a new, undetermined future. Hopefully, they will look back and see that we have contributed to something as important as Ernie's contribution.

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