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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Government Performance Project is probably the most respected survey of government performance in the US.  This morning, they released their most recent report, Grading the States 2005.  Utah and Virginia received an A-, Washington, Delaware, Kentucky, Michigan, and Minnesota received a B+, and everyone else was somewhere below that.  No one received worse than a C-, so the curve was somewhat compressed.  Here are a few comments about Utah from the report:

  • Utah is called the nation's "most information-driven state"
  • The state received an A- in the Information category.  According to the report, strengths include Strategic Direction, Electronic Government, and Managing for Performance.
  • The state has "a near-obsession with goals and planning."
  • "Human resources management in Utah exhibits all the state's qualities of governmental aggressiveness."

Here is the complete report for the State of Utah.

In addition to Utah, Virginia, and Washington, who all received an A- in the information category as I expected, Louisiana and Missouri also received an A-.  The survey documents strengths and weeknesses in each area, with egovernment being the one I am most interested in.  For example, the report states that Washington did not have a clear way for citizens to report a homeland security threat.  Hmm, Utah doesn't either, although we do have live help available on the Public Safety site to support immediate live contact.  But I'm not sure that Public Safety's live help service is available 24x7.  Something to check into.

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