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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Alice Marshall informs me of the National Information Exchange Model, a more general XML framework based on Global Justice XML.

Justice CIO Vance Hitch and Homeland Security CIO Steve Cooper announced the new joint initiative, the Collaboration on Objects for Reuse and Exchange (CORE), last week at the Global Justice XML Data Model Developerís Workshop in Virginia.  Also mentioned in Ken Camp's blog.  Additional commentary from the Program for International and Homeland Security at OSU.

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Several articles point out the importance of moving enhanced 911 service to the top of the State's technology agenda and getting it fully implemented:

I just happened to meet Provo's IT Director, Robert Ridge, last Friday.  They have a staff there, but the problem is certainly not unique to Provo.  According to the article, "The dispatcher thought he heard Aston say his address was 950 N. 500 West."  That is why good GIS data is critical, to ensure they respond to the right place, as well as to help facilitate the most timely response.  This technology is about saving lives.

In a related item, I found that Pleasant Grove is sharing fiber with the county.  UWIN approved an item to begin developing a shared plan for the State's fiber network last month.

UTOPIA announced the initial rollout of their municipal fiber-based network this week in Orem.  In my discussions with Provo City officials, I learned that iProvo now has over 1000 customers.  American Fork Community Network which is built on the Airswitch ethernet infrastructure now offers four alternatives.

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