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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Utah State Library continues to provide grant funding to libraries around the state to expand the use of technology.  The Library is also offering a course in how to optimize government websites for search engines in April.  Register here.

Virginia has selected Unisys as their systems integrator for their statewide voter registration system.  Utah-based Aradyme will also support the project.

Webjunction provides this useful list of tech-based library blogs.

In my quick assessment of Davies' survey questions on state technology, my state scored a 42.  How about yours?

Well, I guess I have to stop complaining about Colorado's internet portal.  Their new portal is now online and is a huge improvement.  Oklahoma has also changed their portal, but the improvement is not as noticeable as with Colorado.  Two big photos of the governor on the portal like this is not a good thing.

Monika Bargmann of Austria has a new eGovernment and eDemocracy Weblog.

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