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Friday, February 11, 2005

The House Public Utilities and Technology Committee met this morning to review HB 109 - the statewide IT consolidation bill.  One of the things that the bill does which has many state workers upset is that it makes all new positions in the consolidated department exempt from career service (merit status).  I have never been too concerned since I gave up merit status over 14 years ago.  I figure that you just do your best and if that's not good enough then you move on.  At the same time, I am concerned about state employees, many of whom are extremely devoted to their work.  The bill passed out of committee on a vote of 5-4.  Now it moves on to the House floor.  Check the calendar.  It's down the list a ways on the third reading.


Fred Hunsaker
Sheryl Allen
Bradley Daw
Aaron Tilton
Richard Wheeler

Ralph Becker
Larry Wiley
Lorie Fowlke
Brent Goodfellow

That is a very close vote.  I don't expect it to be quite so close in a floor vote, but it will be interesting to watch.  Representatives Wheeler, Daw, and Tilton have all been involved with the IT industry and understand that this is trend that is occuring everywhere.  UITA made a strong statement in support of the bill, represented by Stan Lockhart and Richard Nelson.  Here is a complete list of UITA's priorities.  Looks like former CIO, Val Oveson is a member of the UITA task force on HB109. 

Mike Leavitt was sworn in as HHS Secretary today.

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