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Friday, February 04, 2005

According to Mark Struckman and Paul Taylor with the CDG, Utah is not alone in its move towards more consolidation of IT services.  As many as 10 states are currently in the midst of consolidation initiatives.

"To meet these new demands, state and local governments are turning to centralization and consolidation of older systems in a third wave of shared services. "Some governments still have 15 e-mail systems out there and multiple networks going to the same points of presence," said Struckman. Trends include data center consolidation and single messaging platforms."

Ramsey County (MN) is planning to move forward in spending $35.5 million to create a new 800 MHz radio system.  The UWIN Governance Board is meeting this morning to discuss 2005 goals for Utah wireless.

We completed the installation of the Blackberry Enterprise Server for Groupwise.  Utah is standardized on Groupwise and many in Governor Huntsman's office are using Blackberry devices.  The BES should be a nice productivity enhancement tool.

Since moving to the MX Logic filtering solution, we have seen a significant decline in the number of viruses detected by our intrusion detection system.  It appears to be more than coincidence.

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