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Friday, February 25, 2005

This enterprise architecture model from New Mexico ties each architectural component of their IT architecture to a phased implementation of their IT consolidation.  It looks like a good way to ensure that all aspects of the statewide EA are addressed during such a transition process:

source:  State of New Mexico Framework for Enterprise Architecture

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Stephen Timchak, program executive for the federal government's E-Authentication project is promoting SAML 2.0.  The new specification was approved in January.  For a simple understanding of what the SAML standard is and isn't, check out "Debunking SAML myths and misunderstandings."  The Liberty Alliance has also announced that its Identity Web Services Framework now supports the SAML 2.0 release.

The European Commission recently published its Architecture for pan-European eGovernment Services.  The vision is that "Pan-European e-Government Services (PEGSs) will enable citizens and businesses from all Member States to access e-Government services in all Member States. In future these services will eliminate or reduce the current limitations on the free flow of people, goods, capital and services across all Member States of the European Union."

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