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Monday, February 14, 2005

The contributors to the Legacy Parkway Hotsheet weblog include a County Commissioner, a City Manager, and an Economic Development Director, all from Davis County, who find themselves in opposition to the Sierra Club and SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson who have been opposing the new highway.  The Deseret News had a few comments this morning about their weblog.

Staff at Los Alamos National Laboratory are becoming more vocal through their weblog.

The ZNet Bloggers include some pretty prominent people, such as Noam Chomsky, all committed to social change.

The Cascadia Scorecard looks at environmental issues in the Northwest.  The most recent post deals with transportation issues in the Montlake District near the University of Washington.  I'm quite familiar with those back when I was a grad student there.

Iranians for Peace is a new blog arguing fervently against a US military attack on Iran.  It was created in response to the recent State of the Union address.

Gary Esbensen, the Fire Chief of Eden Prairie, is the third city official there to launch a weblog.

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