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Friday, April 08, 2005

The relatively new Utah County community of Saratoga Springs has a new website, and is already offering several online services, including utility bill payment.

Daily Wireless has some incredible new posts today on 802.11i, interactive taxis in San Francisco, a free mesh cloud in California. and active RFID.  They also have an excellent summary on the Wireless Philadelphia initiative that is making waves across the country.

We continue to expand our use of open source tools, including an internal postnuke portal that will be fully integrated with eDirectory.  We're also taking a serious look a new blade technologies, Documentum's eRoom which has some really cool features, and installed some cool new mid-tier storage options from EMC and NetApps.  Each of these things has a potential for cost reduction and service enhancement which is where we are really focused.

The Center for Digital Government and Center for Digital Education issued the call for entries for their 10th annual Best of the Web contest and Digital Government/Education Achievement Awards. The contest and award programs are open to state, city and county agencies and educational institutions. All entries are due June 1, 2005.

The National Conference on Digital Government Research is scheduled for next month.

Check out the latest updates on the Grokster case.  The House is taking another look at interoperability in digital rights management.

The Ohio legislature is looking at a bill called the Electronic Government Services Act that prohibits a government agency from providing duplicative or competing electronic commerce services with the private sector unless the government agency complies with specified procedures.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to protect bloggers.

The Palestinian Authority now has its own internet suffix which it will be using to build an egovernment framwork.

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