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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Aren't kids at this age supposed to like Santa?

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She says things like "Oh ma word" and "I'll kick your tail". She loves Sonic tator tots. (as do I!) and she is the essence of what a lady is.

Sometimes people come into your life when you least expect it. They show up and start to teach you things that you never thought possible and change your life for the better. They make you want to write for them, and show the world how you feel. They make you want to be a better person. They love you in spite of who you are, and you want to return that. You share things, things that no one else knows. Time is irrelevant and desire becomes an endless river. You want to be with that person all time, to share those little things in life that mean so little but together mean so much.

She's amazing.......

I can call in the middle of the night here and wake her just to talk because I can't sleep. A lull in the conversation ends with "Do you remember that time in 4th grade......?" Sometimes you sit and talk about kitchens. Sometimes you cry, and lots of times you laugh. And there are those select few times where you sing....(Manatee, Manatee!) You joke and laugh and walk around all the time with a big fat smile on your face.

She's beauty, love, caring, fun, and wonder all wrapped up into an amazing package. She's My Southern Belle, and I love her.

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I couldn't leave out the story of the fish......if I remember it went something like this. (I'm sure that if I get it wrong Em will correct me)

(Waitress delivers Emily's fish sanwich)

Erin's Dad: So em, how's Christopher?

(Em hears "So EM how's your fish sandwich?")

Em: It's really good!

Erin's Dad: (laughs) It??

So from then on in my sisters circle of friends Christopher has been affectionatly referred to as The Fish thanks for the good nickname Em!

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Sometimes it's the little things that you miss.

The patter of little feet walking through the kitchen. The pounding coming from the bathroom, you know what it is...he wants a bath. The little hands on your face telling you "Wake up dad!! It's a new day." Feeling his tiny lips on your face as he gives you his little kisses. Seeing his mean face, not always because he's upset but because in his little way you know that it makes you laugh. Falling asleep with him on top of you, just the two of you on the couch.

Even though he's to young to say it you know that he loves you more then anything

It's the things down the road......

It's his first day of school, being there for him because he's scared. It's watching him play baseball. Playing catch with him in the backyard. It's answering all those "why" questions, "Dad, why is the sky blue?" It's seeing him in High School and watching him go on his first date.

There is so much to miss but the world to look forward to.

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