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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Conversation between me and Dad at the grocery store:

(Looking at the store directory)

Dad: I didn't see the vegetable oil in aisle 11

Me:(looking at the sign) The sign says Salad oil

Dad: Well we don't want motor oil!!

Just so you all know....the veggie oil was actually in aisle 13. So much for the store directory!

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I wish that I could get my stupid tag board up and working!
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If everyone would please go look and wish luck to Emily who has just started on her blogging adventure. If you are feeling especially generous throw her a link. Kudos to Jenn who beat me to the punch!
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I was downtown today and something struck me rather hilarious. I had seen it before but it didn't really hit me until today, maybe because it was such a nice day out today. I see all these women power walking around in their dresses and there running shoes! I mean come on.......what posses you to put running shoes on with your dress and power walk around downtown?? Why not change clothes altogether? I can't imagine walking into a meeting saying,

"I'm sorry I smell and am all sweaty Bob, I went running in my suit during lunch."

Maybe it's just me but I don't get this at all.

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