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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Jenn called me this afternoon crying about the Colts loss to the Jets. She continued to comment that she REALLY hopes that the Falcons can beat the playoff unbeaten Packers at Lambeau Field later on tonight, because she said that she HATES the Packers!
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Here's what I want to know....why in the world do people not trust us? Can we not make our own decisions? I mean we have all been on this earth for enough time that I think that we have learned a few lessons and we may, just may, know what we are doing.

I wrote awhile ago about Choices and Chances. Go read it.

When we make a life changing choice we weigh the consequences of that choice heavily. Alas whenever you make those choices there is always an element of risk involved. That risk may sometimes mean that you may get hurt and it may not come out the way that you want to but where would you be if you didn't take the risk. The choices that we make and the decisions either good or bad determine the lessons that we learn, and shape our lives.

A good friend will always look out for you. They care. Friends however do not ever criticize you for the choices that you make (unless you move into a bar, quit your job and start killing people!!) A good friend will make sure that you are happy and taken care of and then support you in what you are doing, these are the people that you need to keep close to you. There is a fine line between concern and someone trying to dictate your life decisions.

Matters of the heart.

Ahhh you all are saying now I see where he is going with this.

Feelings are wonderful things. I trust my feelings more then anything. There isn't a person on this earth that can tell me what I am feeling, when to feel it, or how I should feel at any certain time. We feel certain ways for lots of different reasons. Those reasons are particular to each one of us as an individual and they aren't wrong.

There isn't a manual for feelings and matters of the heart. There is no time frame on how these things are supposed to happen. They happen, mostly because we want them to and we choose to let ourselves feel the way that we do.

"You can like someone, you can be infatuated with someone, and you can care about someone but you CHOOSE to love them and when you make that choice you will never fall out of love with them."

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