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Saturday, November 16, 2002

GoogleShare -- Another Googletrinket

Calculating GoogleShare. Steven Johnson came up with the notion of GoogleShare: it's the proportion of pages containing some phrase (i.e., "Boing Boing") that also contain your name. Rael has whipped up an automated GoogleShare calculator. [Boing Boing Blog]

Requires a Google API Key.  Seems I have a 80% share for Googlevote, big whoop. 

You can also calculate GoogleShare for brands instead of names.  Neat.

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Hedge Your House

[eFinance Insider] Protecting the Value of your Home. "Tom Skinner, and his Washington, D.C. based firm, Real Liquidity LLC, is working to address the risk of price declines in residential real estate by developing innovative financial products that allow homeowners to "hedge" out some or all of their real estate market risk with "puts". [Web Voice]

Problem with this model its a single company offering an insurance policy with little backing (high risk of default) and values are according to an index that is open to manipulation through methodology.  If you want a hedge for your house, go to the liquid market, REITs.

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