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Monday, January 15, 2007

"SCOTT PELLEY: Do you think you owe the Iraqi people an apology for not doing a better job?
BUSH: That we didn't do a better job or they didn't do a better job?
PELLEY: Well, that the United States did not do a better job in providing security after the invasion.
BUSH: Not at all. I am proud of the efforts we did. We liberated that country from a tyrant. I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude, and I believe most Iraqis express that. I mean, the people understand that we've endured great sacrifice to help them. That's the problem here in America. They wonder whether or not there is a gratitude level that's significant enough in Iraq.
PELLEY: Americans wonder whether . . .
BUSH: Yeah, they wonder whether or not the Iraqis are willing to do hard work."

Ten of thousands of Iraqis were (and are still being) killed, the country is in a civil war chaos and Bush wants them to be grateful!
And as sure as hell, Bush honours the war dead. In the meanwhile Bush has already set the machine of war in motion against Iran.
11:18:43 AM    

DiggliciousBlog: "A careless mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows. The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use, except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA 'help information' [local] trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software systems had been deliberately crippled.

Computer security specialists have been aware for two years that unusual features are contained inside a standard Windows software 'driver' used for security and encryption functions. The driver, called ADVAPI.DLL, enables and controls a range of security functions. If you use Windows, you will find it in the C:Windowssystem directory of your computer.

ADVAPI.DLL works closely with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but will only run crypographic functions that the US governments allows Microsoft to export. That information is bad enough news, from a European point of view. Now, it turns out that ADVAPI will run special programmes inserted and controlled by NSA. As yet, no-one knows what these programmes are, or what they do."

MailOnSunday: "Confidential details sent to MI5 by thousands of individuals and businesses have ended up with an American company specialising in supermarket mailshots.
The Mail on Sunday can reveal the service is not being run by MI5. Instead it has been paying Whatcounts Inc, a US computer firm based in Seattle, to store the details and send terror alerts."

The German Die Zeit writes Britain has become a 'Big Brother' society.

EUObserver: "Germany's state of parliamentary democracy is under threat from the European Union which is slowly taking away all the national parliament's powers, the country's ex-president has said.
In an article for newspaper Welt am Sonntag, Roman Herzog pointed out that between 1999 and 2004, 84 percent of the legal acts in Germany stemmed from Brussels.
'EU policies suffer to an alarming degree from a lack of democracy and a de facto suspension of the separation of powers.'"
11:09:22 AM    

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