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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Untitled Document

Weblogs & Webfeeds

Here's a revised version of my Researching personal and collaborative publishing online - implications for designing for online communication & collaboration handout from a month or so back. It's for an hour long session I'm running for the faculty of science & technology entitled 'Weblogs and Webfeeds', um, tomorrow, so any feedback would be more than good, especially if it involves demonstrating some of the below :o)

1. What is webpublishing?

While constructing a website through Dreamweaver or building a Geocities site is webpublishing, I refer to webpublishing here as posting itemised content to a site that you personally own (at least in part) on a regular basis and supplying a webfeed for that content.

For example this is webpublishing: incorporated subversion (my weblog), OLDaily, Scripting News, Crooked Timber (collaborative).

Most webpublishing takes the form of weblogs (or 'blogs') however there are videoblogs, blikis (or wikilogs), audioblogs, photologs and many more developing genres. It's tempting to just call them 'blogs', perhaps we should?

2. What is a webfeed?

A webfeed is an xml version of the content you have posted, this is able to be subscribed to using a news aggregator (or feedreader) (for example, here's my weblog, here's my webfeed and here are the webfeeds I subscribe to through my aggregator). Once you have subscribed to a feed your aggregator will automatically check it and deliver to you any new content.

This way I am able to check over 130 websites (not only weblogs have webfeeds) every morning... and it only takes me 20 minutes (averaging about 80 new items a day).

3. What makes this special?

As we are now able to access so many websites so easily through webfeeds and participate in the conversation through webpublishing we are able to have vast distributed conversations with ease.

As each posting is itemised (has an individual URL) this conversation can be further facilitated using tools like Technorati and trackback.

My thoughts, records and links are now all archived just a google search of my site away.

Many many other things including:

-My personal ownership of and control over what I have written
-The contextualisation of what I write
-The nature of communication in this medium
-Decentralization decentralization decentralization

Further Reading

Bartlett-Bragg, A. (2003) Blogging to Learn [viewed 15 July ]

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Untitled Document

Another new journal... same technical inadequacies

Wow, it must be journal spawning time... well, it is coming into spring down here so perhaps not so surprising. Today by email I receive news of the Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice (JULP - which has to be one of the better acronyms I've heard of late ;o):

"The Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers that add significantly to the body of knowledge describing effective and innovative teaching and learning practice in the higher education environment." [JULP]

This one has some interesting articles (I'm in a bit of a better mood today :o) and kicks off with a fascinating article examining what it means to have a love of learning and whether it can be developed in Can a Love of Learning be Taught? (well worth a read!). Also, anyone who has run up against 'graduate attributes' will probably find interest in the first full paper A Web Environment Linking University Teaching Strategies with Graduate Attributes and I'll certainly be sharing it with my colleagues... it's kind of funny to find 'love' followed by 'attributes'... at least this one is spreading its wings well!

A couple of really interesting articles from a very promising looking publication (there's also stuff there for foreign language classes and nominal group technique (?)) but NO search, NO email / NO webfeed subscription / NO html and more pdfs!

I was asked over the mail what my problem is with .pdfs and I'm probably the least well equipped to expand on this but in short I hate 'em because:

  • It takes forever to load the frikin things (because of the reader) and often doesn't even work (firefox has stopped working with them now so I have to copy into IE... grrr)
  • What's wrong with html... nothing.... what's good about html, a lot!
  • I kinda resent having to use this one reader for these files
  • I don't really see the point

Am I alone here or do others agree? I just wish these new journals would pleeeeease sort it out!

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Nothing to do with the great civil rights leader, James Farmer, but here are some links that are:

Greensboro sit-ins
Family (with pictures)


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