Friday, 14 November 2003

Update on Helping Tyson get to #1

Yesterday we set upon the mission on Helping Tyson get to #1.  

Well today there was movement as our man Tyson jumped ahead of the porn site and is sitting at #6 on google.

I do believe our cunning plan is working!

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Microsoft Details First-Ever MSN Profit
This article really took my fancy - especially since I spent 5 years as part of MSN

Reuters - Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Internet division posted its first-ever quarterly operating profit of $58 million since it was launched eight years ago, the world's largest software maker said in a regulatory filing on Thursday. The results show that four of Microsoft seven business divisions are generating an operating profit, which excludes taxes and investment charges. The other three divisions: Business Solutions, cell phone and device software business, and home and entertainment, are still posting operating losses, according to data from the latest quarter ended Sept. 30.

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Frank as Lego

An image called An image called There is a cool site that lets you design yourself in lego.

I've come up with 2 versions of me. Both have some common elements - coffee, gadget, long hair, glasses, geek trousers.

Which one is a better fit?


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Emma comes second!

A picture named swimming emma.JPGEmma had her swimming carnival at school today.

She was in 2 events - the 15m freestyle kick board and the 15m backstroke kickboard.

She came 2nd!

She is the first of my children to ever place in a swimming race --- what a champ.

I have a slide show available, and will post the videos soon.

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USB Xmas Tree
A picture named usb-xmas.gif

I did a bit of xmas shopping for my team and bought them all something I'm sure they will love.

I particularily like the description:

Don't be a scrooge, get into the spirit of things this Christmas with this great desk sized Christmas tree!
On a sturdy rubber base this USB powered Christmas tree will flash through a rainbow of colours(6 of them) and encourage festive spirits all day long.

It will make a great Christmas gift or decoration, get yours today!

I got mine from a local online store, but a google search shows lots of places selling these.

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