Tuesday, 25 November 2003

Spam man enraged, not enlarged - www.smh.com.au

Too Funny - I read this on the weekend

A Silicon Valley computer programmer has been arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of the company he blames for bombarding his computer with web advertisements promising to enlarge his penis.

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Back from the Opening Event

Got back from the opening event of the Microsoft Australia & New Zealand Partner Conference.

The location of the event was a secret

Since we are on the Gold Coast, we went to one of the famous theme parks - Warner Brothers Movie World!

And, guess what - it rained & rained & rained & rained & rained! Guess we should check the weather next time.


Despite that, it was a good night. I got to catch up with some old friends, and met some new ones. I even to got to ride the SCOOBY-DOO SPOOKY COASTER.

The next 2 days should be fun!

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Emma Arrigo

A picture named emma.jpgHere's a recent photo of Emma. Isn't she gorgeous!

She's quite the little lady - she is in kindergarden at PLC, and we know that she came second in the recent swimming carnival - have a read of Emma comes second! for more info and photos.  Emma loves going to school. Apparently she is running a business with all her friends - they trade gumnuts for the special power that they make from the riverbed at the school. Commerce starts early when you go to PLC!   ROTFL

Emma like's barbie, disney princesses, music, movies, and playing minesweeper flags with her dad.

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