Saturday, 22 November 2003

IRB RWC 2003

"England have beaten Australia 20-17 in a thrilling Rugby World Cup final before a capacity crowd at Sydney's Telstra Stadium tonight" [more]

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England win rugby world cup
english rose

England wins in last minute of extra time. Final Scores -- England 20 to Australia 17

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Bill's School Concert

A picture named bill trumpet.JPGBilly had his school concert on Friday.

He plays the trumpet in the concert band.

The band play 4 pieces.

Bill was a star!

Photo gallery of the night online now

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More Category Fun

Testing some of the macros described here

my test page is here

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link to categories macro

I'm testing a macro to add category links to each post - read about it here

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Saints Get Their Wish

The rugby world cup final is on, so it's time to find some AFL news. Oh, it was draft day today....

"St Kilda got its number one wish when it was able to draft Raphael Clarke â013 the younger brother of emerging Saints star Xavier â013 with the No.8 selection at the 2003 National AFL Draft."

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419 Eater

One of my team members sent me a link to this site the other day.

It's called 419 Eater and it's about one man's attempt to stop the spammers.

it's pretty funny

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