Monday, 17 November 2003

Comdex 2003

A picture named billg.jpgComdex time already!

It's seems to have come from nowhere.

BillG has had his keynote already. The transcript is posted and a webcast is online! It's all about The Era of Seamless Computing.

Time to check out the virtual pressroom and even read the critical reviews. And this is cool - Google News on Comdex 2003.

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SSW Rules to be better

I've been pokling around the SSW site and found all the rules.

1. Rules to Successful Projects * Popular *
2. Rules to Managing Software Consultants
3. Rules to Better Teams

Code & Application Design
4. Rules to Better Code
5. Rules to Better Access Databases
6. Rules to Better SQL Server Databases
7. SQL Server Design Standards
8. Rules to Better .NET Projects
9. The Best Third Party Tools

User Interface
10. Rules to Better Websites
11. Rules to Better Interfaces

Naming Conventions
12. SQL Server Object Naming Conventions
13. SQL Server Index Naming Conventions
14. SQL Server Relationship Naming Conventions
15. SQL Server Stored Procedure Naming Conventions
16. .NET Object Naming Conventions
17. Stored Procedure Formatting Standards

18. Rules to Better Email * Popular *
19. Rules to Better Instant Messenger

20. Rules to Better Google Rankings * Popular *
21. Rules to Better Outbound Calls
22. Rules to Better Inbound Calls
23. Rules to Better Marketing
24. Rules to Better Branding

25. Rules to Better Windows 2003
26. Rules to Better ISA Server

Where are the other rules - like Rules to Better Marriage, Rules to Using Water Wisely, or Rules for Better Eating

Good one Adam!

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Rules for a better web site

I received the latest newsletter for SSW which open with the following intro :

The Cutting Edge
I believe that you should design a web site to look good for IE5.5 and above. I am not saying totally forget about Netscape but dont spend much time or money on it. The reason is that only 3-4% of users surf the web with Netscape. The problem stems from the limitations of different web browsers. The big Netscape and Internet Explorer debate still continues but the reality is that Netscape just cannot provide many of the features that Internet Explorer can.

This got me thinking about the whole browser war. To be honest, I think it's time to move on -- it's not just about the browsers. This debate is raging at the moment on a number of sites.

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Santa comes to St Ives

A picture named stves santa.JPGBig Event on Sunday. Santa came to our local shopping village.

The kids were so excited.

So were their parents!

Lots of photos were taken!

Gosh, Christmas is almost here - 38 days until Christmas Eve!

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