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  Monday, June 23, 2003

eWeek talks about the next version on the Pocket PC,,3959,1133151,00.asp

Microsoft Corp. today will introduce the next version of its Pocket PC operating system, with enhancements focusing largely on phone features, as well as wireless LAN and WAN support. Many licensees, however, say they are shying away from integrating phones into their PDAs, at least for now.

I think that this is a mistake for both activities not to be included in a device.  In my perfect world, I would like to carry a device that:

  • has phone and Internet capability (WWAN)
  • supports 802.11x
  • supports Bluetooth
  • has the appropriate slots for add-ons
  • has a fast processor
  • has lots of memory
  • synchronizes Exchange info quickly and easily (more of a server side issue)
  • has the .NET CF installed

Now, the phone integration may not make sense for those who are primarily using the device for the handling of data (either collecting data to send back to servers or referring to downloaded data from servers).

But for me personally, I'm a PDA-first kind of guy, as opposed to the Smart Phone folks who are phone-first people.  This is an interesting theory because most people make this into a "choose one of the other".  I want both in a device, along with a good screen with more real estate that a typical cell phone but can still fit into my pocket.  (We won't get into the issues of the Tablet PC entry.)

That is why I'm carrying a Pocket PC Phone from T-Mobile.  I love it and can't imagine going back to a traditional phone ever again.  I only have two gripes. 1) I don't have 802.11 hardware support built into the phone.  2) Although the phone software comes with speaker phone and On-Hold capability, I can't mute a call so that I can hear the other party while I have my side of the call muted.  T-Mobile doesn't have the greatest coverage but works well in metropolitan areas, but that is not the phone's fault.  The PIM functionality combined with a Terminal Service client and Instant Messenger make this a must have for me.

The future is looking bright for the Pocket PC device.  Now I'm waiting for a cool News Aggregator to run on my device.


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I am a member of the Microsoft Regional Director program.  It sounds like that I'm a Microsoft employee; however, I am not.  Here is the description of what we do:

Regional Directors aren't Microsoft employees--they're independent developers, architects, trainers, and other professionals who provide a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community. These technical experts can give you the insight and informed perspective you need to start developing .NET-connected software today--whether you need help learning about the .NET Framework, training developers, or implementing all aspects of a solution. Contact a Microsoft-endorsed Regional Director to kick off your project today.

The program is an extension of the Microsoft .NET Evangelism Team so we generally have the inside scoop on happenings in Redmond.  While we may not be able to comment on future technologies, we can steer you in the right direction.  If we don't know the answer, we can find the answer due to our contacts in the program and in Microsoft.

Sometimes referred to as RD's, there are a 130 or so of us in the world, 30 or so in the U.S.  It is quite a group of folks.  Some famous, some not so famous (like me).  But, these are some of the smartest folks that I know.  We make good presenters and we are "in the trenches", i.e. we probably have felt your pain already.

Is there a Regional Director near you?  Check out the above link and find out.  You may also find one that is a specialist in a specific area of need.  If you can't find one, let me know.

Consider these names:
Billy Hollis
Juval Lowy
Ken Spencer
Carl Franklin, the .NET Rocks! Show
Clemens Vasters
Scott Hanselman
Stephen Forte

And I'm just scratching the surface with this list.  (RD's:  Forgive me if I didn't include you.  Email me and I'll get you mentioned.)

Check out the list at the RD web site mentioned in the beginning of this post.


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