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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Adept Technology a robot/vision technology supplier and Parker Hannifin a diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems have announced a strategic partnership. Looks like it combines Adept's expertise in robotics control and vision-guided systems with Parker Hannifin's expertise in linear positioning systems, for the development of Cartesian robot components. One goal is to decrease delivery times to integrators. The new Adept modules are called Python.

Automation World Managing Editor Wes Iversen has written a news report from the Robot Conference in Florida this month (will be on the Web site shortly and in the December print issue). He quotes Adept's CEO Robert Bucher saying that the robot industry needs to find ways to diversify away from its dependence on the Automotive (primarily spot welding) market. This technolgy is geared toward packagers such as pharma companies.

This is a good example of collaboration and innovation seeking to expand a market.
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Vorne Industries has launched a Web site dedicated to teaching the details behind Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It's pretty cool--and useful.
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Got a note from Geoff Hodgkinson who has a British publication The Industrial Ethernet Book. He has started a blog. Geoff is also the "chief photographer" at Profibus events here in the US.

The only other automation person blogging (other than Jim Pinto and me) is Walt Boyes Editor of Control Magazine.
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This is another Dave Winer post that has meaning for the manufacturing community. (Dave's in the tech community--don't think I ever saw a manufacturing post there.) The essential point is about Apple's focus on user experience. I used to write about Microsoft's embedded platform trying to explain how it works and why users shouldn't worry. I got a JDK (Java development kit) as soon as it came out a long time ago. But no one seems to care about all that anymore. I picked up more pointers about the crossover from commercial to manufacturing walking with Dick Morley around a video game place a little over 5 years ago in Nashville during an abortive Schneider Electric user conference. His remark was, "Let's look at the displays and graphics on these games and see where HMI will go in manufacturing." Well, it's 5 years later and we're not even close to there, yet. What's holding you back, HMI developers?

From Dave: Sorry no pointers, but Sun and Microsoft look so irrelevant squabbling with each other. Like two fat over the hill wrestlers trying for a revival. Meanwhile Apple is busy creating new user experiences. Has Office jumped the shark? Yes, around 1990 or so. No one cares. Except you guys, of course. I know why Sun keeps trying to bait Microsoft, but one wonders why Microsoft keeps taking the bait. Maybe they both yearn for the old days when the press covered every salvo in the great Java Wars of the 90s. But the users moved on and the reporters lost their jobs. It was a bad investment. Would have been better to stake out new user experiences made possible by ubiquitous networking, like Apple did, like we did. [Scripting News]
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This post is really for my buddy Dave Newcorn, the guru of digital media. Actually, when I was a reader of trade pubs, I actually read the ads--looking for things to buy, use or resell (or find out what my competitors were up to).

For Dave and the marketing lurkers out there, what does this technology or the idea of it hold for B2B marketing?

TiVO has just taken what I think will turn out to be a huge step in the right direction. The same technology they use that allows users to skip over ads they aren't interested in, can now find ads they are interested in. I predict that this is going to be as big a feature as the other one. [Scripting News]
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