Monday, March 07, 2005

About aK,
GamesGrid, poker, UNOFFICIAL personal blog of an internet junkie...

I suppose this is as good a place as any to do the self-conscious thing and talk about myself a little bit...

Hi, my name's Asia and I'm an internet junkie. I work for the company responsible for creating the poker software on GamesGrid ... but I'm not a programmer or have any talent in that direction. I get to be the ear to the ground for them, reading and hanging out on a bunch of poker forums and blogs (despite the fact I am a very poor poker player!)

This blog is *not* sanctioned by GamesGrid, nothing I say here is a direct quote from GamesGrid... It is just a coincidence I'm working there and may mention poker or gamesgrid in a post-- don't take ANYTHING here as grid gospel, please! :)

I'm working on this blog mainly as a way for me to organize my in-progress thoughts on certain aspects of the online poker world, and you can get inside my head about poker stuff by checking out my posts ... Since I am constantly reading news and different sources of news, I try and reference the things I find interesting about online poker-- either from blogs, news, forums, or whereever I may find them, and try to talk about why they are relevant to my personal (not job) interest. There will be a bunch of links to news stories on online poker, as timely as possible as I am constantly reading this stuff...

I also am very interested in the "blogosphere" in general, so there will info about that... and knitting stuff too. Mainly though it's just the ramblings of a grrl in love with runon sentences as well as her new badass job, pounding away at it. I *know* how cool my job is, and I'm going full bore to make it even cooler... :)

I think the best way to find out about me would be by checking out my posts (some are *too* personal sometimes!). You can also find "about me" on myspace too... or email me (below), or leave me a comment (commentwhore: pay attention to me!) :)

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