Sunday, March 20, 2005

Some fun threads from the past few days...

Some fun poker threads I've been reading... I'm much more a forum grrl than a blogette, since I have this fantasy that we live all together in this yellow submarine in forums, where blogs to me seem like messages in a bottle. For now, anyway :)

Ramsus, a friend from myspace, has a topic over in the poker players group on heads up play. (I asked earlier about it, I got creamed a few weeks ago since I'd never been heads up with anyone in a tournament and found myself so at a beta test freeroll-- I had no idea what to do but have my ass roundly kicked and messily, too)... I think he's beesknees too, along with others too (I'll get around to linking them next time, shh-- don't tell!)

Womens poker club's Fresh Faces league for women players with less than 6 months experience is starting up again-- it's a bi-weekly series of free games for women to learn tourney play among their peers and with camraderie and actual non-snarky help from the more experienced. WPC is one of my favorite forums, if only for the sense of actual help and good spirit for all. Yeah, it sounds touchyfeelie, but I did mention it was a womens poker club, eh? :)
(3,216 men now are trying to log in with "maryJane" monikers to watch the hot poker woman on woman action hiding behind the scenes.)

I've been jettisoning various liquids as I've read the 2+2 thread on "what's your favorite comeback to someone who bitches about you sucking them out"... I'm usually on the losing end of a suckout so it's nice to live vicariously thru these :)

"Do you want to be sure you're going to heaven" from RGP (kidding)

This thread on 2+2 about the launch of GamesGrid poker... More for my sense of amusement than anything else, but I refresh/revisit that thread a few times a day to see if any more responses come in. I've wanted to respond, but haven't had the go-to to do so from Boss... But I know no one from GG posted there, since we're hands off about the launch except with out college paper adverts for VFP's-- Both of the posters must have been new VFP's, I'm guessing. (Pet peeve: to be called a spammer when I'm not.)

* Since the interface *is* from-the-ground-up software that hasn't been seen before, I'm not shocked it's become talked about on its own merits (notwithstanding the VFP program)

* I think the VFP program is perfect for the students its aimed at, but the bonus whores :) over at bw and 2+2's zoo may find it an interesting proposition as well for all of their multi-tabling experience, coupled with the influx of people we're aiming at for launch will make for a nice pond to swim in...

* It's obvious we have some beta testers over at 2+2 from the way they talk about the site being in beta, which just tickles my curiousity at what they think about us. Whenever I remember to go check into the gamesgrid freerolls, I'm usually found chatting with the players trying to find out what schools they're from, do they like us, anything ... I do like our chat feature for being much more user friendly than other sites, gives me a chance to mouth off having fun rather than silently getting sucked out :)

My friend KWAZAR won a seat into the WSOP. Really!

And finally, mind melting vid of cat 20 tabling... whoa.


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Asia Carerra-- star, unreal nerd, y mami!

I am so out of the loop. My fav (porn) star, Asia Carrera (natch) just gave birth this month! To a baby girl!!

Manoman... I haven't visited her site in a loooong time, but she really rocks my world. Not (just) the sex thing, but there's something appealing about the non-skankiness, non-idiotic persona behind the heavy makeup... every time I see jenna I think she's beautiful, but then she opens her mouth and I just want to cringe (or, *fatsforward:whoneedsdialogueanyway!*)

Congrats Asia! :) Beautiful, beautiful baby!

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All I wanted to talk was about yarn, and of course I've gotten sidetracked even before starting...

So I took a picture I wanted to share, for dorkish sake. Doesnt matter about it really now, but I titled it "zap". Saved it to my radio folder I thought... but come to follow image directions I can't find it. So, start-->search-->for files or folders, zap.

You'd think zap wouldn't be a popular term to search for, but apparently in asia it is. ("har", quoth the raven, nevermore). I have hundreds of files with "zap" in them... I had no idea. So, toggling back to my search from a yarn website (with zoom! in flash! ::faints::), I take a look-- they're all from Spence's *asia's emu project, ver 1.x*. No, not emo (I didn't know what emo was til a few weeks ago, I'm so fucking unhip, and not even tragically.)


Holy bartender I hadn't thought about my emu project in years! (I'm thinking it's rolling around to the "reformat" time again, eh!) Okay, a while ago I built my computer. Mainly so I could record Iron Chef from cable (really)-- but my video card and healthy memory gave me a great option of tv i/o that I could plug into the big screen.

Diablo II on a 36" flat screen, anyone? :) Hack und slashe, like the fencing coach used to say.

But the best idea came from Spence, who knew my penchant for old old video games (even though I never owned an Atari! No, again, I'm okay ... really.) Run an emulator from the pc to the tv, and play emulated nintendo/atari/colecovision games. Of course, buy the requisite joystick and usb extender to run from the pc to the couch, and we could play...

every game ever made.

Well, the ones we grew up on, which of *course* is so up my nostalgia alley (no, not starring asia carerra!)... So Spence spent (seashells down by the seashore) hours dl'ing emulated games, buying the perfect handcannons and whatnot... By the time everything was ready to be played, time had stolen our thunder and it fell off the radar.

How badass though, and it even rings about my pic I was looking for:

More on that tomorrow/later though.


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poker, bloggers, when will the madness end (vers 2.2)
(or, how I learned to love the 'bomb-- natch)

I know I have a bunch of posts to clean up (radio's a neat product I will probably eventually purchase, but one mass suxxor thing I keep running into is losing posts in midair (before hitting the "publish" button.) Once some asshat popup took over the firefox tab, once another redirect closed this screen and "back" yielded me a blank screen, and another few times I have no idea what happened. But, I read all my news in one-stop shopping with radio, and some people like it... and you know me, labelwhore. Even in blogs :)

Anyhow, in other news...

Online poker and the exploitation of blogs. :) Maybe this will be his first link, but Simon over at is offering a free dl of their online poker odds calculator for bloggers who include his link in their blogs. :) Since its 333am, and no other blogger I've seen has linked it, maybe I can pop his link cherry. (there you go.)

And btw Simon, just as a normal, everyday person who uses the internet way too much, I pretty much never click on links with-hyphens-in-the-name... to me it just says "my name is way too long," "I'm recycling some key poker phrases to get some google love," or it's a linkfarm. That's just me-- and I understand that you actually *are* on a mission to jack up interest in your site (which isn't a crime!)... I'm just tired of reading poker pages with hyphens in the titles. Whenever I run across them I rarely click link and read, even though firefox is supposed to cockblock for me, I hate knowing that there's a 72.5% chance I'm visiting a linkfarm that's going to opne like 500 popups (or try), and maybe wipe out a tab I'm working in (see above).

But hey, what do I know... :)

Most overused word from aK: interesting. I was going to say I think it's interesting that poker & bloggers converge. But beesknees that's boring. But, the exploitation of bloggers to promote links (googlegod says, jump) would make me kinda itchy if I were a real blogger (as opposed to a non-publishing pseudoblogger who still wonders if she should be talking so much crap about poker when she should be working and maybe those gamesgrid poker links shouldn't be in my posts, since I haven't *really* talked to Boss about it yet...).

I mean, okay. I read a lot of poker blogs, and a smaller amount of non-poker blogs, and I feel like, damn. People who put time and effort into writing these have been getting a lions share of interest from google/etc (and why shouldn't they? it's dynamic, not static content, it feeds on itself and is a sneakpeek into someone else like you couldn't believe and therefore entirely addicting to voyeurs like me, and hell if I can say something someone wants to hear I'd do a happy underwear dance the whole day) ... but maybe its bastardizing the concept of blogging? The popularity of blogs for google has driven the mouseKateers out in force, trying to capitalize on trends and suck them dry before the public moves on. (Will they move on? The web is turning from a static elephant to a barrel of monkeys: nothing static is interesting. Don't think we'll be going back to fixed content pages...)

Is it okay for companies (poker or not) to use blog-sploitation to whore out? Company blogs? Posting to blogs? Spamming keywords so google gives them one shiny, glistening moment in the sun? Doesn't it irk anyone else that the rnc & gwb are on the 1st page of google's search for "blog," no matter what your political affiliations are? (How about being a new kid on the block trying to get some attention from the higher ups by seeing if google will pick my blog up when I put "gamesgrid" in the posts?)

Hm. I think I hit the nail on the head... freud says I'm trying to mask my insecurities about my own blogging by talking about other people's exploits in doing so. Conquering heros unite.


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