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16 June 2005

attu sees all

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RedNova: Dutch sexologist Jelto Drenth is a vagina man. He celebrates its smells and tastes and feel in The Origin of the World, an eclectic, matter-of-fact survey that includes helpful "how-to" tips as well as a highly satisfactory collection of bizarre facts about women's private parts.


BMJ: This fascinating and lively account of the "science and fiction of the vagina," which takes its main title from Gustave Courbet's 1866 painting, is part of this shift in interest. It covers an incredibly diverse range of issues, from historical, anthropological, sociological, psychological, sexological, physiological, and other perspectives.




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Marketwatch: A business consultant says the market for "podcasting" is underserved. While 40% of the Internet-delivered audio shows focus on music, science, technology and comedy, the most popular category for users is erotica, according to Alex Nesbitt, president of Bella Ventures Inc. "The supply is not yet meeting market demands," he wrote in a just-released analysis titled, "The Podcast Value Chain Report."

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Strip Search City: . . . you can tell Angelina Jolie exudes sex. Even when she was all buttoned-up with her pearls on, you could still tell that she was thinking about it. And Brad fed off it and upped the ante exponentially. I honestly couldn't tell you who I thought was more attractive in that movie. And seriously, I'm definitely pro-schlong (to use my favorite heterosexuality-affirming phrase).

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Mark Dery: In search of some answers, I asked Marty Zitter, the former public relations director and longtime resident of Sandstone, to take me on a tour of the now-defunct utopian commune and weekend retreat. There, on a 15-acre estate in the hills of Los Angeles's Topanga Canyon, a handful of couples (and hundreds of weekend utopians) shed their clothes and lived the Dionysian dream. From 1969 until the end of '73, the aerospace engineer-turned-free love visionary John Williamson and his wife Barbara, along with a flock of converts, embarked on a radical social experiment, "living in open sexual freedom and seeking to eliminate sexual possessiveness and jealousy," as Gay Talese put it in his chronicle of the sexual revolution, Thy Neighbor's Wife.

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Heatherland: . . . the red light district has women in it. They sit on stools. They look bored. They pretend to be on the phone. Behind them, a bed and a sink. When a customer goes in, the metal grate goes down. When the customer leaves, the metal grate goes up and the woman appears back in the window. Repeat.



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Blahblahblogger: Two-thirds of fat men would rather eat than have sex with wives or girlfriends, according to a survey.

They believe over-eating and lazing around is preferable to being able to satisfy their partner.

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Lili-G, Flickr


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Asia Media: Though she is posing nude, most lawyers said she is probably not breaking any obscenity law.

The girl, who doesn't want to be named but calls herself an "exhibitionist", tells The Straits Times that she is gunning for a book deal.


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Scotsman: Anne Hooper's youngest son, Alex, wrote in a recent article, recalling the occasion his mother took him into an electrical shop to buy an AC adaptor for her vibrator: "I learned that day that some people might be ashamed of sex, but my mum was certainly not among them."

Before anyone gets the wrong end of the stick, Anne Hooper is not, so far as I am aware, a nymphomaniac. Rather, she is one of this country's leading sex therapists and commentators. Author of 46 bestselling books . . .



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