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Thursday, June 6, 2002

NYT: Arafat Defiant After Israeli Raid on Compound.
"This will not affect the Palestinian people. On the contrary it would increase the steadfastness of this people," Arafat said. Israeli troops shelled the offices and blew up security buildings, already pockmarked by bullets and shelling from a five-week Israeli army siege that ended little over a month ago.

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Charles Miller: "A quick note for anyone writing documentation, or filling in default values in the configuration file for an application... The domains example.com, example.net and example.org are reserved for use in documentation. Thus, if you use bob@example.com in your default configuration file, you can be guaranteed that the address will never exist, and thus there will never be a "Bob" who is annoyed at your stupid choice of example domain names."
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BayArea.com: Bonds' slam leads Giants to rout over Padres. [via Moreover]
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NYT: Repaired Hubble Telescope Yields Better Look at the Stars.
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