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Friday, June 7, 2002

Steve Ross: "Obviously, there are certain things which must remain secret for the sake of national security, but that category must remain as narrow as possible in order for our freedoms to flourish. I am concerned that the Presidents of the modern era... have continually broadened this category of information to the point where it is starting to undercut this nation's 200-year old experiment in democracy."
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Michael Boyle (minus parentheticals ):
"As far as I'm concerned, Winer is pretty directly taking on the Telecom Reform Act... By concentrating ownership of the media, the Act led directly... to the point where there is a lack of competition in the marketplace: competition that would (and traditionally did) keep journalists honest... There aren't very many players left..., so it's less likely that someone will defect from current practice... and thus in effect keep them all honest.

"The CDA was a smokescreen! It was the rest of the 1996 Telecom Reform Act that was really offensive. It vacated accountability in the media through the removal of competition. The effect this has had... is undeniable."

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Dead Men Tell No Passwords

Michelle Delio: "The man in charge of archiving and maintaining electronic copies of Norway's most important historical documents is dead and so is access to those archives. So the director of the Norwegian cultural center is pleading for hackers to help him crack the center's password-protected database."
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Since Dave pointed at Silk yesterday, there were a few reports that it causes Radio to crash. That's a bummer, but I have a workaround if you really want font smoothing in Radio and are having trouble with Silk. Here's what I posted to the radio-dev list:

I'm using a system prefs panel add-in called TinkerTool to turn on QuickDraw-based font smoothing.

Under the Font Smoothing tab, I checked the box labeled "Manipulate font smoothing for applications using QuickDraw", and then set it to smooth fonts of size 1pt or greater. I had to log out and then back in for it to work, but only when I first set the pref.

It's not Aqua smoothing, but I now have smooth fonts in Radio, and it's very readable, especially for small fonts. No crashes here that I can attribute to it.

Here's the link:


Also, I'm still using MacOS X 10.1.4, and not 10.1.5, so I don't know if that's related or not, but at least with 10.1.4 things seem to be quite stable.


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