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Thursday, June 13, 2002

Duncan Campbell in the Guardian: "For more than six months live pictures from manned spy aircraft and drones have been broadcast through a satellite over Brazil. The satellite, Telstar 11, is a commercial TV relay. The US spyplane broadcasts are not encrypted, meaning that anyone in the region with a normal satellite TV receiver can watch surveillance operations as they happen... [A satellite enthusiast who discovered the security lapse last year] tried repeatedly to warn British, Nato and US officials about the leak. But his warnings were set aside. One officer wrote back to tell him that the problem was a 'known hardware limitation'."
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Brent Sleeper. "Why aren't more people upset about the illegal arrests and 'preventative detentions' of American citizens?"
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Weblog post form callbacks

Today we released support for two new callbacks that make it easy for Radio developers to add their own form elements to the weblog post form on the desktop website home page.

In addition, support for Radio callbacks at user.radio.callbacks was added to the Tools framework.
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listening to Tom Petty - Breakdown

Testing a new callback

Testing a new callback. If this works, there should be a song title below this post... It worked.
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listening to King Crimson - Elephant Talk

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